Is still preseed autoinstall available in 20.04?

All in the the title :wink:

Anyone managed to install desktop version through d-i/preseed ?
Documentation seems to be inaccurate.

I show that they are building legacy alternate installer images (i.e., the previous ‘alternate’ server install ISO) here:

These are daily images, though, and are not formally released images. I have not tried all of the possible methods of d-i based installation (e.g., have not tried d-i from a mini iso), but alternate-installer based processes that I used previously are not currently working with this 20.04 alternate installer. I’m getting failures at the network hardware detection step.

From prior conversations / threads on here, the Canonical developers say that they will spin-up / build the alternate installer images for 20.04, but will not support them. I don’t know if that means they won’t do any QA on them / if we’ll only get these daily builds and no formal releases … I’m not sure on that.

Non-daily debian-installer based images exist at

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