Is recording of audio from Anbox instances supported?

Question: Does Anbox Cloud on AWS Marketplace support recording of the audio emitted by the Android emulator? For example, when recording a live stream video though an app from PlayStore, will the resulted recording have the audio?

Hey yudhoahmad
Thanks for reaching out.

In your scenario, looks like you’re going to run the screen recorder app inside of the Android container to record the live stream(audio&video), yes. That would work. Anbox is built based on the AOSP. Apps that run on the generic Android image should work in Anbox container as well.

However, there is a caveat:
Anbox Cloud doesn’t support the hardware acceleration based video encoding but only for video decoding for H.264 inside of Android container when you’re running EC2 G5g instance. Therefore doing screen recording would put a lot of workload on the CPU and downgrade the generic streaming experience regardless of whether your EC2 instance has NVIDIA GPU featured or not.


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