Is Mutter VRR available?


In Noble GS 46 I set VRR in dconf/mutter, restarted, but VRR is not proposed in g-c-c.
Is that intended? Is that a bug?

It looks like mutter is still at v45, so that may be why it’s not showing.

No I run mutter 46*ubuntu3 one.

Interesting, that version isn’t showing up on the Ubuntu packages site or when I checked for updates on a daily build. I did see that gnome-shell got updated to 46 though.

I think you should report a bug with more details about your system and what you have configured.

Mutter 46 has experimental support for VRR (disabled by default) and Ubuntu has not interfered with this.

Ok I’ll check this again after some packages updates :wink:


To keep the discussion of the bug within the bug report, I’m going to go ahead and close this topic. Thanks!

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