IRC Move to Libera

You might or might not have followed the recent happenings around the freenode IRC network that was seemingly taken over at the beginning of the month …

If you go join #ubuntu on freenode, you will notice it automatically forwards to ##ubuntu. This is because freenode declared all topics pointing to new channels on libera to violate freenode policy, and used that to deop channel operators, take over the channels, and point them to new channels.

These channels that demonstrate this behavior are now not owned, operated by or affiliated with us in any way.

In that light we have followed suit with many other opensource projects and moved to where you will find us in the #ubuntu channels as usual. We have migrated many of the previous channels and bots, but as this developed sped up our move, things are still a little rough. Please bear with us, and we’ll get everything unboxed soon. Also, expect a post soon for some documentation editing fun, to update the many freenode references in places like the wiki,

Here is a direct link to the channel via a web client.

If you use a native IRC client has the info you need to adjust your configuration…

We will be updating our DNS pointers today, so if you haven’t registered on Libera yet, we encourage you to do so as soon as possible. Thank you for bearing with us, and please reach out with any questions.


Thanks to everyone involved in this move for their hard work in getting all of this done on such a short timeline.


Thanks a lot for handling this, to you @madhens, the IRCC, the CC and everyone else who has been involved. I can see it’s been a stressful situation :relieved:.

Just a couple of quick ones from me.

  • You mention #ubuntu - does this apply to all #ubuntu-*? I’m guessing it does but want to be sure. IOW: we should all be moving over to Libera, right now?
  • IRC access (chanserv flags): will it all be transferred over automatically or do we need to contact someone to get it ported over from Freenode? I’m hoping this will be relatively low stress for (Freenode) ops.

I know the IRCC has been setting up the #ubuntu-* channels, as well as other namespaces like #lubuntu, etc. So yes, this does apply, but it is still happening. So if there are any channels that especially need prioritizing that haven’t been established, let us know!

We’ve been having to do this all manually for the Canonical channels, but I am going to ask the IRC Council to chime in on this as well!

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