IRC Meeting -> Office Hours

Hello Ubuntu Server –

We are wanting to make a change in format to the Ubuntu server IRC
that happens at 1600 GMT Tuesdays. Instead of an IRC meeting
with an agenda, we are proposing a switch to an office-hours format. If
anyone has questions or bugs with Ubuntu server, the Canonical
ubuntu-server team will be explicitly available during this time block
for fielding questions. Also, we would switch to the #ubuntu-server
channel for the discussion forum (not #ubuntu-meeting).

Along with this, we would ask interested community members to idle in
#ubuntu-server during this time to help field questions.

We think that between office-hours, the weekly development update,
askubuntu, the community hub and just regular
IRC communication, we are in a nice position communication-wise.

At the next scheduled IRC meeting (1600 UTC, 14 Nov), we will have an
open discussion, please bring any concerns you have up there.

Also you can reply to this topic on the community hub. :slight_smile:



Awesome news. Make sure you announce these on the usual social networks when you go live. We have found we get way more people watching if we announce on the twitter / facebook / G+ Ubuntu properties just as we go live, as well as announce some time before then. People tend to click through to live videos when they see them, but typically will forget about it if you announce it a day/week or even an hour ahead. I’d recommend getting in touch with the marketing team to make sure it’s all announced well as they have tools to schedule all this.