Hello, my name is Bradley. I’m from Kansas, USA and currently residing in Lawrence, home of the Jayhawks (Rock Chalk!). I’ve been using Ubuntu for many years. I’ve tried a few flavors, but mostly use Ubuntu Server and Ubuntu Desktop. I’ve also had several years of experience with Debian and Slackware, and have used Fedora and CentOS when projects require it.

I’m a law-trained technology professional. I started out in IT as a teen and have over 20 years of professional IT experience. I also have a law degree and a license to practice law, and have made sure to pick up a well rounded set of experiences in that field, working for courts, doing prosecution and defense work, as well as civil litigation and transactional work. My career has taken me through all levels of IT, from the front lines installing workstations and terminating cables, all the way up to serving as the interim CEO of a tech non-profit. The blend of legal acumen and technical knowledge gives me a perspective many don’t have.

I most enjoy doing hands-on work with networking, servers, and general IT infrastructure. As a solutions-oriented person, I think outside the box and try to figure out what problem we are solving, why we are solving it, and how best to reach the goal. Every situation is different.

I’ve been trying to grow my direct involvement in the open source community and contributing, rather than merely consuming. I’m in a state of transition in my career after some lengthy employment contracts came to a close. I’ve got projects to keep me busy for a while, but hope to engage in the community more and find long term employment with a proponent of open-source solutions.