Introducting Quicktest!

Hey all! I made a thing. It’s called Quicktest.

Quickly and automatically test systems inside Quickemu virtual machines

The goals are:

  • Provide a utility that enthusiasts can use to automate some OS tests in the Linux community
  • Creating a set of tests that are understandable and maintainable
  • Enable technically savvy enthusiasts to develop and contribute new tests

Demo video

Introduction to Quicktest video

Git repo


A Quicktest update!

Last night we released Quicktest 0.2.2

The main feature was the addition of a test for Kubuntu daily-live. Here’s a super-quick video showing it off.

A new Quicktest release

Today we released Quicktest 0.3.1.

This includes some bug fixes, which are most welcome.
It also includes a test case which shows how Quicktest can be used post-install. It launches an existing VM - previously installed via a different test case - then goes through the first-run wizard in Ubuntu. It then launches GNOME Settings, takes a screenshot and shuts the machine down.

It’s not intended to be a full test of the machine, but just enough to illustrate that Quicktest can do post-install tests.