Introducting "miracle-wm", a Wayland compositor built on Mir

I am happy to announce the first-ever release of miracle-wm, a Wayland compositor based on Mir. miracle-wm features a tiling window manager, much akin to that found in i3, sway, and Hyprland. The goal of the project is to serve the needs that are currently served by these compositors while also enabling flashier graphics for those of us who prefer a desktop full of smooth transitions and colors. While the project is still in its infancy, I would love to get your feedback/bug reports if you get a chance to use it, as I’ve been the lone user thus far. That being said, please be aware that all releases leading up to v1.0.0 are considered “pre-releases.” This means that you may run into a hitch or two along the way. If you find a bug, I would appreciate it if you logged an issue on Github or even contributed a fix yourself. Either would be greatly appreciated :handshake:.

You can check out the full details of the release, including a feature list and installation instructions, on Github:

To install the compositor, simply do:

sudo snap install miracle-wm --classic

Looking forward to your feedback!



this is very cool especially looking at the roadmap something like a general settings app would make it probably the ideal entry level window manager.
…Or window manager for people like me who hate config files :upside_down_face:

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