Introducing the Ubuntu QA team

Hello, I wanted to let everyone know that there is a newly formed Ubuntu QA team at Canonical and that we are focused on the quality of the Ubuntu distribution. The team is being led by me and we are currently focused on maintaining and improving some services which are used by Ubuntu developers to help ensure that Ubuntu is of high quality. Those services include:

  • The autopkgtest package testing infrastructure which ensures packages, and their test reverse-dependencies, are passing their tests before migrating out of -proposed
  • The Ubuntu Error Tracker which collects crash reports and provides data about the most common crashes
  • Continuous integration of projects developed by the Ubuntu Server team
  • Automated testing of installer images of Ubuntu Server
  • Automatic upgrade testing between releases of Ubuntu

The team is currently composed of myself, a former member of the Ubuntu Foundations team, and @paride who was a member of the Ubuntu Server team. We are both Ubuntu core developers and are very familiar with the Ubuntu development process. On our previous teams Paride and I always had an eye on quality and now will be able to devote our full attention to it.

Going forward we will be posting weekly status updates of what we are working on. Additionally, we’ll let you know about changes to the development release of Ubuntu that may need some additional manual testing. Feel free to ask any questions in this topic!


Excited to be part of the new team and to be able to focus energy on refining processes and improving quality of Ubuntu!