Introducing Kernel 6.8 for the 24.04 Noble Numbat Release

I’ll take a look, thanks!

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Any way to know about these patches, so, that this kernel patches can be added into the kernel for other distros and are shipped as a dependency to snapd?

You should look on the snapcraft forum, there are a few threads about the patchset…

Could you please share if you have reference / log posting of what mainline kernel and backported patches are used with each of the Ubuntu kernels ?

By the way 6.8.0-20 is working well on all my test machines. The only issue I have is the Intel Compute Runtime (Neo) is unable to find GPUs. It is a known issue with any 6.8.X kernel with a simple workaround (set 2 environment variables.)

I don’t think the base deb repositories nor any ppa I know provides these. Intel provides the .deb packages on the github.
Bug reference :

The 6.8 kernel for noble is maintained in this git repository (branch master-next):

It is rebased on top of v6.8 + all the Ubuntu specific patches (tagged as SAUCE are applied on top).

Same with the upstream stable updates (all the 6.8.x patch sets), they are all applied on top.


Not sure how/where to request this wishlist bug report → Bug #2056686 “Wishlist - Backport AMD pstate support for Threadr...” : Bugs : linux package : Ubuntu

Any chance of this being included for Noble initial release? :slight_smile:

Considering that it’s a bug fix it should be backported to 6.8 upstream and land in the -stable branch. In that case we will apply it like any regular stable update.


Is this timeline still accurate?
Wondering if the kernel timelines were affected by the xz backdoor (similar to the beta: Noble Numbat Beta delayed (xz/liblzma security update)) ?


Also I’m wondering which 6.8 -stable release is the target to launch 24.04 with? 6.8.2? Or 6.8.4? 6.8.3 is a bad idea due to the regressions that occurred in workqueues that were just backed out.

see: linux package : Ubuntu

This has 6.8.1 now, but I’m wondering if given the rest of the schedule roadway it’s going to change. That’s why it’s related to whether the kernel schedule slips now too with xz mess.

There are some commits in 6.8.3 or later I’m particularly interested in.

Dates are still accurate… for now.

We have plans to push a new kernel in release based on 6.8.2, once the situation with the archives is settled.


BTW if I find a bug in a package in Ubuntu 24.04 where should I report it? I cannot find a category dedicated to bugs, only “discussions”!

Report bugs on Launchpad.

You can run ubuntu-bug PACKAGE_NAME and it’ll guide you to the process.

Thanks you all for the information!

I’m not sure how to report this, but I noticed that the USB ports on my Mac Mini 2014 are malfunctioning every other reboot.

My USB WiFi adapter (TP-Link T3U Plus) stops working, and when I unplug, it doesn’t show up. Same goes for my Logitech Unifying receiver.

I tried to do ubuntu-bug linux, but I got:

*** Problem in linux-image-6.8.0-11-generic

The problem cannot be reported:

This does not seem to be an official Ubuntu package. Please retry after updating the indexes of available packages, if that does not work then remove related third party packages and try again.

I switched to liquorix kernel as a test, and that seems to have fixed the issue.

We’re about to release a new kernel based on 6.8.4 that may fix the problem, but it’s still building in the ppa.

Maybe you can check if you still have this issue with the latest mainline 6.8.4 kernel (available at Index of /mainline/v6.8.4).

Keep in mind that we provide mainline kernel builds only for debugging purposes, these kernels are not officially supported (but they can be useful to debug issues like this).