Introducing early access to the Steam snap!

I get this error today:

mario@mario:~$ sudo snap refresh steam
error: cannot refresh "steam": snap "steam" assumes unsupported features:
       snapd2.55.4 (try to refresh snapd)

any idea how to fix it?

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as did I - I had also made several attempts at getting it to work, too!


do what it asked for ? :slight_smile:

$ snap info snapd | grep 2.55.4
  latest/beta:      2.55.4                 2022-04-30 (15793) 46MB -
  latest/edge:      2.55.4+git585.ga8e6d0f 2022-04-30 (15796) 49MB -

to switch a snap to another channel you do:

$ sudo snap refresh --beta snapd

that will give you the 2.55.4 version …
once beta moved to the stable channel you can:

$ sudo snap refresh --stable snapd

and you are back on the stable version …


New error:

mario@mario:~$ snap info snapd | grep 2.55.4
  latest/beta:      2.55.4                 2022-04-30 (15793) 46MB -
  latest/edge:      2.55.4+git601.g20d0355 2022-05-03 (15804) 49MB -
mario@mario:~$ sudo snap refresh --beta snapd
[sudo] contraseña para mario: 
snap "snapd" is not installed
mario@mario:~$ sudo snap refresh --stable snapd
snap "snapd" is not installed

In that case I think you are getting snapd from core. You can install snapd as a snap itself:

sudo snap install --beta snapd


what is the full output of snap version on your system (is that ubuntu ?) …

Yes! after installing snap using your command I don’t get more errors thanks!

Ubuntu? what is that? :rofl:

mario@mario:~$ snap version
snap    2.55.4
snapd   2.55.4
series  16
ubuntu  22.04
kernel  5.15.0-27-generic

I just tested steam with the last update and still I can’t see the folders inside /mnt , I can’t install games in a different HD , till that I can’t test more because my main SSD is almost full :sunglasses:

hmm, i wonder how you got to 22.04 without having snapd, while what ken said is true (snapd in older releases coming from the core snap) the upgrade to 22.04 should have switched you over to the snapd snap …

does snap connections steam list removable-media yet ? (also note that it does not automatically connect for security reasons, you will still need the snap connect ... command from above)

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I was using Ubuntu 21.10, I did an OS upgrade

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:scream: you are right, I forgot to connect it… yes it’s working now.
I’ll going to install some games and test, thanks

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Is the work that’s being done to provide up to date Mesa drivers able to be reused by other snaps? I maintain a few emulation snaps that would benefit from up to date drivers to either resolve graphical glitches or improve performance. So for clarity I was wondering if providing up to date Mesa drivers means in a content snap for other snaps to also use, or up to date Mesa on the underlying host system or both?

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looking at the snapcraft.yaml (linked above) the mesa bits are currently all stage-packages

there might be some work of the ubuntu-frame (Mir) team, that could end up in a re-usable mesa content snap tough :slight_smile:


You’re referring to mesa-core20. That packages the mesa graphics userspace drivers from the archive for use via the graphics-core20 content interface.

The graphics-core20 meets a slightly different need: it allows us to package alternative (non-mesa) graphics stacks and use them with snaps that consume the interface. While this work was motivated by IoT devices with weird graphics stacks it also “just works” :tm: on desktop.

What I think you are suggesting is that another snap based on “Mesa next” could be used the same way to provide the latest Mesa userspace. I think that would work. And if the drivers are available from a PPA it would be simple to do.

That seems a sensible thing to do to support snaps consuming this content interface.


  1. there are other snaps (e.g. gnome-3-28-1804) used by “desktop helpers” that also pull in bits of Mesa. That might need someone to do some cleanup to make this generally useful.
  2. It might be done as a track of mesa-core20 (if the Mir team could be persuaded to take on the support)

me again! :sunglasses:
Trying to install games in a mounted HD I got permissions issues, this is the permissions in the folder:

drwxrwxrwx 3 mario mario 4096 may 8 10:42 SteamSnapSSD

any ideas?

Hello @mlacunza.
I found an open issue on github and added my feedback there.
Is this the same issue you are experiencing?

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Yes it’s exactly the same bug.

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And I just add my report there too, just in case