Introduce Yourself

Hello fellow Ubuntu enthusiasts!

I’m Bright Adams, thrilled to join the Ubuntu community. A tech enthusiast with a passion for Ubuntu’s open-source spirit. Let’s collaborate and innovate for a brighter Ubuntu future!

Kindly introduce yourself too.


Hello Everyone
I’m Joshua Urum a crypto/tech enthusiasts also an active community manager/moderator , I’m a full time worker in the web3 space with over three years of experience in community management.
am super excited to join the Ubuntu community


I am Asian Dickson Ubuo, a web3 enthusiasts and a Blockchain lover. My skill sets are community management, growth strategist and Event’s Lead. I’m pleased and excited to join the Ubuntu community


I am Adeniyi Adetola, and I’m absolutely thrilled to become a part of the vibrant Ubuntu community. As a dedicated tech enthusiast with a profound admiration for Ubuntu’s open-source spirit, I’m eager to join forces with all of you to push the boundaries of innovation and forge an even brighter future for Ubuntu.


Hello everyone,

I am absolutely thrilled to become a member of the Ubuntu Nigeria Loco community! My name is Taiye Oluwadare, and I bring with me a diverse skill set and a passion for all things Ubuntu and open source.

With a background in ROS (Robot Operating System) and Python, I’m excited to explore the intersections of technology and innovation within the community. Having delved into Linux administration, I’m confident in navigating the intricacies of the Ubuntu environment. My experience as a cyber security analyst adds an extra layer of vigilance and commitment to keeping our digital spaces safe and secure.

I am genuinely looking forward to connecting with fellow members, sharing experiences, and collaborating on exciting projects. Let’s work together to leverage Ubuntu’s potential, foster learning, and drive positive change. Here’s to a fantastic journey ahead!

Warm regards,
Taiye Oluwadare


Hi Taiye, we are glad to have you in our community.
I look forward to sharing experiences and collaborating.

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I’m glad to be here, looking to as well

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Hello Everyone,

I am Ekoh Victor, a Growth and Communications Expert, as well as a Web3 enthusiast. I am thrilled to be a part of this remarkable community.


my name is Esther. i will be at the event


Hello! Everyone, I’m Adedoyinsola. A tech enthusiast, happy to be a member of this great community.


We glad to have you here , your welcome

looking forward to see you at the event

sure i will be there

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Hello Ubuntu enthusiasts!

I’m Esther, i am happy to join the Ubuntu community. A tech enthusiast with a passion for Ubuntu’s open-source spirit. Let’s collaborate and innovate for a brighter Ubuntu future!

i am happy to b part of this project


You’re welcome Esther, it’s great to have you here


Hello fellow Ubuntu.
I’m Joseph Michael, a data analyst and a web3/Blockchain enthusiasts. It’s a pleasure to be part of the Ubuntu community.


Your welcome , glad to have you here with us .

you are welcome Ubuntu enthusiast :innocent:

Hello, and a lovely day to you.

My name is Chinedu Fredrick Orisakwe, and I am a UI/UX Designer.
I recently applied for the role of Visual UI Designer in Canonical, and thought to introduce myself here.

I am a first timer here, and wouldn’t mind some guidance into the world of Ubuntu.


Hello @cofu-dr, Good to connect with you. Yeah, this is the Nigerian community, you will get updates or whatever from here.
You can explore!!!