Intel Atom D425 @1.8GHz in the Linux

Intel Atom is crap, I honestly do not know what to do, it locks videos all the time, several distros I’ve tried and never met my purposes which is to surf the internet and edit texts and YouTube crashes a lot! It seems the D425 is the Worst version ever made of it. I already bumped Mint, Ubuntu (xfce, mate, lxde) and it did not result in anything and I made x11 settings and nothing worked. Currently none of these Linux distros do not support this processor. if anyone seeks a solution I will be grateful.

Edit /etc/defaults/grub:


$ sudo update-grub

$ reboot

Here’s the rest of the gory story:

TL;DR: Intel phab’d some buggy wafers that the Linux kernel w/ drm/i915 seems to exploit. Windows has problems on occasion, too.


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