Integration of fzf fuzzy command-line finder or equivalent in future version of Ubuntu?

Hi there,

I came across fzf [1] and as a non-technical user just find it brilliant how much comfort it adds to using the command-line on Ubuntu.

I took the perspective of a new user to describe its merits in this video [2].

Now, I am wondering whether fzf or equivalents is something you would want to consider in future versions of Ubuntu? :slight_smile:

Thank you!


Not sure what you mean by “consider in future versions”.

Are you asking for this software to be packaged for Debian/Ubuntu? Any community member can do that already (…if they are willing to take a bit of time and learn how, and if the license permits.

Or are you asking for the software to be added to one of the desktop metapackages, so it’s included out-of-the-box? It must be packaged and available in Ubuntu before those desktop teams can look at it.

Or are you saying that this software is spectacular enough that we should skip the usual process?

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Dear @ian-weisser, sorry for not having made my case clear enough but this is exactly what I want to suggest!

Hence, I requested the packaging first:

‘needs-packaging’ bugs in Launchpad tend to be a bit of a graveyard. Some get packaged, not many.

Debian and Ubuntu software packages are driven mostly by volunteers, and volunteers tend to scratch their own itch before looking for suggestions by others.

The best way (my opinion) to get software into Ubuntu is to package it yourself for Debian. It will merge into each release of Ubuntu automatically twice each year.

Happily, there is some interest in Debian in getting this software packaged - see . If you’re technically inclined, jump in and help. If you’re not technically inclined, then provide leadership - organize and cheer and motivate the packagers.

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All I need to know for now, thanks!