Installer bootloader timeout

Does anyone currently depend on the bootloader screen on the server installer staying up indefinitely, rather than timing out and proceeding into the installer? See this post from Mathieu on the ubuntu-server mailing list:

I’m revising some of the bootloader logic for the ISO images. Ubuntu Server
currently seems to be one of the things that just wait indefinitely at the
bootloader (grub or isolinux, depending on what/where you are booting).

Is anyone against putting a 5 second timeout in the bootloader, such that
the system carries on to starting the installer automatically?

The install would still not do anything more and users would still have a
way to pick a different installer language or keyboard, just straight from
the installer (debian-installer or subiquity), unless they press a key to
cancel the timeout early and select a different option.

If there are no objections, I’d go and apply this change on Tuesday,
November 28.