Install the compliance tooling

Install the compliance tooling

The CIS configuration can be enabled automatically using the Ubuntu Advantage Tool (also known as “UA tool” or “UA client”) on bare metal, virtual, and cloud environments. The version 27.1 or higher of the UA tool is required to use this method.

Install the UA client

If the UA tool is installed, use the following command to identify its version.

ua version

If necessary, use apt to install or upgrade to the latest version.

sudo apt update && sudo apt install ubuntu-advantage-tools

Attach the subscription

To access the CIS tooling a subscription needs to be attached.

Note: Ubuntu PRO instances on AWS, Azure, and GCP may skip the ua attach step. A UA token has already been attached to the system.

  1. Login at using the Ubuntu One account tied to your subscription.
  2. Under the “Your paid subscriptions” header, click on the down-arrow in the “machines” column for the row of your subscription. This may already be expanded.
  3. Find your token from within the provided attach command in the format of sudo ua attach <TOKEN>. Copy and run this command to complete the process.

Set up the CIS packages

  1. Enable the CIS packages.
    sudo ua enable cis

  2. Verify that the system is attached to UA and has the CIS repository enabled.
    sudo ua status