Install MicroK8s on Apple M1 silicon

Key Value
Summary Install Kubernetes on Apple M1 with Microk8s and Multipass
Categories containers
Difficulty 1
Author Alex Chalkias, Joseph Borg


Duration: 10:00

With the release of Multipass 1.8, we are happy to announce that MicroK8s gains M1 Apple Silicon support.

Installing MicroK8s on an M1 Mac is as simple as it is on an Intel Mac (see MicroK8s on Intel Mac tutorial).

brew install ubuntu/microk8s/microk8s

And then we can start MicroK8s with the desired VM size.

microk8s install --cpu 4 --mem 16 --disk 50

Enabling things

Duration: 05:00

We can now enable MicroK8s features we’d like to use. For example, the Kubernetes Dashboard.

microk8s enable dashboard

Once enabled, we can use the proxy built in to MicroK8s in order to access the dashboard.

microk8s dashboard-proxy

Where to next?


regarding the title… are you sure you mean “silicone” and not “silicon” ?


hahaha, I absolutely do. thanks!

Nice! Thanks for the Multipass shout out too :grinning: