Install ISO for live linux to hard disk, make bootable GRUB option for rescuing, restoring files/ easily chrooting, etc


I want the option to write the ISO that you used for installation, to an additional partition on the machine.

  • Easily Chroot to the live linux distro in memory, without the need for additional media.
  • Easier to rescue system for uninitiated users.
  • Easier to re-install if you bork it completely.
  • Could be updated via APT, with a simple DD, when new versions come out.
  • Flexible options for upgrade in the event an issue/dependency condition occur when performing dist-upgrade


  • Arguably wasteful, but no more so than dedicated media. How many USBs do you end up keeping as install media? I have dozens, and yet I can’t find a single one. So I’m writing this.
  • Some greener people could be confused if the partition is marked bootable, and they may inadvertently install the bootloader here.
  • Could be used as a convenient hiding place for malware.

Please consider adding this. I would compare this to the “system recovery partition” for ntoskernel based operating systems.

I actually had the same idea, except, it would be to install the write the live media straight to the hard drive so the end user can install the OS and set it up themselves, like you would in a new Windows PC (I know I said it.). My desire is to referb computers and sell or give them away and allow the new owner to install the OS themselves, name the computer themselves, decide to encrypt the drive, etc. My thought was initial installation rather than recovery, but having both an initial installation and a recovery drive would be great!