Increasing the capacity of MicroOVN (OVN)

I’m having a hard time figuring out how to increase the number of dynamic IP addresses that MicroOVN has to offer to VM’s and containers. The cluster is setup using the microcloud init. I believe this limitation is due to the port lxd-net2-lr-lrp-int networks setting. Bumping that up to /16 for IPv4 would be sufficient. Or is the better approach is to spin up another OVN and link them together? I did see a forum discussion, saying that MicroOVN only manages one network so I’m not sure that’s ideal.

Error: Failed to start device "eth0": Failed setting up OVN port: Insufficient dynamic addresses allocated
sudo microovn.ovn-nbctl show
switch a98c1f26-09ec-4784-95d7-e08bedb8af0f (lxd-net2-ls-int)
    port lxd-net2-ls-int-lsp-router
        type: router
        router-port: lxd-net2-lr-lrp-int
switch 1125aad2-5227-4474-99d2-5f714f9821f3 (lxd-net2-ls-ext)
    port lxd-net2-ls-ext-lsp-provider
        type: localnet
        addresses: ["unknown"]
    port lxd-net2-ls-ext-lsp-router
        type: router
        router-port: lxd-net2-lr-lrp-ext
router 36f9a3e3-651c-4f9c-a2fd-f95a728e94a4 (lxd-net2-lr)
    port lxd-net2-lr-lrp-int
        mac: "00:16:3e:99:04:20"
        networks: ["", "fd42:7db0:8728:4684::1/64"]
    port lxd-net2-lr-lrp-ext
        mac: "00:16:3e:99:04:20"
        networks: [""]
    nat 2f64a244-81b9-40fb-9742-00258fdfc749
        external ip: ""
        logical ip: ""
        type: "snat"

What does lxc network show <ovn network> show?

Also how many instances do you have connected to the ovn network?

This is untrue, you can use many OVN networks with LXD and MicroOVN.

You should be able to change the subnet of your OVN network by doing:

lxc network set <ovn network> ipv4.address=n.n.n.n/16

That’s the command I was looking for! I noticed it was similar to the print out from OVN but wasn’t sure if it was referencing the dynamic address pool of OVN or not.

It appears that the `sudo lxc network set ipv4.address=“n.n.n.1/16” is exactly what I needed.

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