Incomplete commands

For incomplete commands - ones missing a required argument, flag, or option - (if you choose that an interactive prompt will not be appropriate) provide a description, example usage and any optional flags or options in stderr. If this is going to be unreasonably long or complicated, provide a link to documentation detailing all of the above.


~ lxd import
  Import existing containers

  This command is mostly used for disaster recovery. It lets you attempt
  to recreate all database entries for containers that LXD no longer knows

  To do so, you must first mount your container storage at the expected
  path inside the storage-pools directory. Once that's in place,
  `lxd import` can be called for each individual container.

  lxd import <container name> [flags]

  -f, --force   Force the import (override existing data or partial restore)

Global Flags:
  -d, --debug     Show all debug messages
  -h, --help      Print help
      --logfile   Path to the log file
      --syslog    Log to syslog
      --trace     Log tracing targets
  -v, --verbose   Show all information messages
      --version   Print version number