Incoming Rockcraft changes

We are about to update Rockcraft’s latest/edge release with a sizable changeset. This is the result of some extensive refactoring that the Starcraft team has been focusing on during this past cycle. While avoiding pointless breakages, we aimed to do some thoughtful breakages that will give us a healthier path to finally stabilising the tool. These breaking changes are:

  • When called without arguments (i.e. just rockcraft) the tool will no longer default to packing the rock: rockcraft pack must now be called explicitly.
  • In rockcraft.yaml, the platform section now expects Debian architectures (such as ppc64el) instead of the GOARCH notation (such as ppc64le).
  • Support for ubuntu:18.04 (bionic) rocks has been removed.
  • The notation for the base and build-base fields has been updated. The channel separator is now “@” instead of “:”, so “ubuntu@22.04” is preferred to “ubuntu:22.04”. We’ll maintain support for the “:”-notation for the Ubuntu bases that are already released (with a warning), but note that future Ubuntu bases will only accept “@”.

Other than these, we expect no further issues and will be monitoring the usual channels for problems. If you do find yourself hopelessly blocked by this change, the most recent revision of the rockcraft snap prior to this change is 1143, which can be explicitly installed via:

snap install --classic --revision 1143 rockcraft


The snap is now live!