In MicroStack, how can I enable SSL to securely access the Horizon dashboard on a domain name?

Using socat‍* on the server and routing a public IP to the server IP (, I can open the Horizon dashboard (running on in my browser over the internet. Now I have activated a domain in Cloudflare on this public IP. What’s the solution to enable HTTPS for my domain? Do I need to install a Nginx on the MicroStack’s bootstrap server?

* sudo socat -v tcp-listen:80,fork tcp:

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Hi @mode

Current all access to API’s and the Horizon dashboard is via an ingress server (Traefik) which advertises as a LoadBalancer server from within MicroK8S.

This current is not enabled for TLS - this is on the roadmap for this development cycle and should appear in the next couple of months.

TLS encryption will be terminated with the Traefik charm and we’ll enable various options in terms of how keys and certificates are managed - including providing your own (signed by a CA) or using Vault to act as an intermediate CA.

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Has there been any progress in implementing this feature?