Improving battery life!

I’ve just noticed the past couple of days my laptop battery life has gone up by an appreciable amount. I don’t know what happened, but it’s really made my life so much easier! Just want to shout out to people who are making Ubuntu better and better every day!

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How do you know that?

I guess I’m basing this off of what the computer is telling me about the remaining battery life. I’ve noticed the remaining time left when I unplug my computer has increased. Before it would give me a time of 3 hours max after unplugging fully charged. Now it will give me over 4 hours max time after being unplugged fully charged. For example, right now it’s at 69% and telling me I still have 3:32 remaining. Pretty neat for me!

OK, now check how much the battery indicator say, when you just get the laptop fully charged, as soon as you unplug it from power. You might find a funny number, such as 10 hours or so. The battery indicator, (in practically all Linux) sort of settles around the mid time area. The top and the bottom levels are not really true. Anyway, how about checking how long one charge would last until the laptop goes off? A few times like that, you’d really know how long the battery life is.