Improve qt out-of-the-box experience

The qt experience out of the box is currently rather messy (it’s just not configured by default). Short of proper Yaru integration, why not install qt5ct with consistent Ubuntu fonts and icons and Breeze by default? Every qt app will work just fine with Breeze. Currently we’re exposing a newcomer that barely knows that gtk and qt are things, let alone different things, to a difficult manual configuration process that’s not even well documented. That’s much worse than theme integration issues. A new user wanting to launch lyx or qbittorrent should just launch lyx or qbittorrent and have a pleasant experience. That’s not so hard:

  • Preinstall kde-style-breeze and qt5ct
  • Set ubuntu fonts, dialogs and icons in qt5ct
  • Add to the default profile:
  • Optionally modify a bit the palette in qt5ct.

That will provide a less orange but more robust experience.

Regarding theme integration:

  • I found bugs in Kvantum Yaru and the developer is not willing to provide a Yaru dark variant.
  • I found rather serious bugs using Yaru gtk2 with qt style plugins.

To be fair, I’ve yet to find a gtk theme that’s not broken somehow by the two above methods. Let that for the seasoned user. The priority for the out-of-the-box experience should be robustness, not cosmetics. Anyway, currently we’re not providing one nor the other, so a maintained, popular, working theme (–>Breeze<–) is a big improvement.