Important data lost in firefox

Hello! Please help me.
I’m using ubuntu 19.4. And its default firefox. Suddenly today firefow was not working I have a internet connection over USB connecting my phone phone. (I’m using mobile phone’s internet) .
Everything is working like Ubuntu software and other software that use internet. But firefox was not working. So tried to update firefox from Ubuntu software, there was no update option only a install option so I click the install button. When firefox installation process is complete I found two firefox on my desktop. When I try to open one, its a new one and it has old history or my old browsing data. Then I try to open other one its also open the same one(not that was I using before).
I have some important password saved on the old firefox that is lost. Is there any way to back my old data ??

It seems like you installed both version of Firefox (snap and deb). If you have one open and open the other then both will use the profile that was open. Close both, and open only one. If it opens with your default profile then you are good, if it does not then type in about:profiles in the address bar and choose the profile that is not currently running and see if that is your profile.


FYI, this isn’t support forum. Best place to ask would’ve been on Ask Ubuntu or the Snapcraft forum


As @YamiYukiSenpai has already indicated, this site is for the co-ordination of the Ubuntu project(s), and not support.

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Thank you. I found my data after selection profile. Someone can close this topic now.