Impish DVD install very very slow


I’m trying to install Impish dev to a partition, with a DVD image (“current” daily-live, 14/09).
It’s painfully slow. I suspect something is busying the DVD reader a LOT while normal desktop loads (it does after a very very long time). Launching installer is also too slow.
So, is that a known caveat? Is there something I can do to pass through this behavior?


You’re not being specific with times, but slow reads from a DVD are not new.

During the groovy cycle there was a stage when USB thumb-drives wouldn’t boot on certain old HP devices, so I wrote a ISO to DVD to test to see if DVD would boot (given USB wouldn’t; 2020-07-17) which reminded me how much slower the media is.

Media is almost always written to thumb-drive these days; almost no-one will use a DVD which is a much slower device.

The currently ISO will validate itself (thus all the DVD will be read - this takes awhile!) though if you’ve enough RAM, the cached data will make it fast once completed.

(Note: there are a small number of devices using a firmware that is very slow to boot live media, be it on DVD or thumb-drive; on those devices ~11 mins can be expected for a thumb-drive & I have no idea how long it would be using DVD media. Bug reports have work-around to make an ISO boot faster if you’re using hardware with this firmware issue; but it wasn’t tested with DVD media; and once installed the system is fine - it only impacts the live or installation media; you didn’t give times so this may not be your issue)

Ok thanks.
That’s what I did: make a bootable USB.