iHeartRadio app as a snap

Hi guys, I thought of the iHeartRadio app as being a snap.

First off, here is a few background information on iHeartRadio:

  1. They broadcast over 1000 radio stations
  2. They are now #1 for podcasting.
  3. You can make and drop your own mixtapes.
  4. It is customizable.

But, what would the benefits of iHeart as a snap being? Well, people working or gaming can easily fetch their radio stations, or easily get it to listen to their podcasts in the car or whereever if they can’t use their phone.

The only issue is, the iHeartRadio app can be used in a snap by using Electron from its website or taking the app, which is written in Objective-C and Swift and make it a snap. That’s the only hard part.