Ideas for improvement

Try adding UEFI support to Ubuntu!

The media creation tools only create BIOS “live” USBs. mkusb does allow UEFI bootable media but the installer makes it extremely difficult. The only reason I believe I succeeded was that I unplugged all drives except the target before booting in UEFI.

The design needs to allow the user to choose msdos BIOS media (pre-1998) or UEFI media. And the installer needs to allow the user to choose BIOS installation or UEFI installation.

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New releases should not break code that works in the current release. 19.04 broke code that worked in 18.10. 19.10 broke code that worked in 18.04.

I went back to 18.04 to get a system I could trust to work.

Bugs should be fixed.

My background is Unix System V. Their policy is to include a bug in a list of known bugs, then ignore it.

In Ubuntu I will report a bug, it will be confirmed, then ignored for 6 months, then the bug report would be deleted. I found one bug that was over 5 years old - and it is a bug that is very easy to fix.

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If it’s easy to fix, why not submit a patch in the bug report to enable the fix. If the code is from upstream though; the bug report should also be filed upstream (and bug reports linked) so the fix makes it into future releases of the program/package (re-applying the same patch for future releases creates even more work; work that isn’t necessary when filed upstream).

One issue with open-source projects is the lack of volunteers willing to step up and help.

I QA-test various ISOs using BIOS & uEFI hardware and I’ve rarely had issues with ISOs, when I have had them (bug reports filed), they get fixed in days-weeks usually; though that’s QA-testing prior to release (the best time for bugs to be fixed). If you’d like to help QA-test, that would be appreciated :slight_smile: