Icon theme discussions


By popular requests on the theme threads and various comments on blogs, it seems that the Suru icon set has great traction from the community to become our new default icon theme.

Building up on the great work from Matthieu James, @snwh agreed on reusing and continuing his work on his Suru icon theme reboot! @rodrigostucker volunteered as well to give some hand.

@snwh: you already have a git branch, but as I think others may contribute to, do you think we could move it to the github.com/ubuntu namespace for consistency?


@didrocks I was going to continue to work on them regardless. :slight_smile:

I’m not sure about moving it to the Ubuntu namespace, I’d much prefer maintaining it as an upstream so I’m not committed to any larger project. Also, I’m used to maintaining icon themes in a pretty unstable fashion with sometimes frequent and erratic changes, a downstream would have the ability to be a stable snapshot of this development.