I wish it won't end up like Discourse

I remember when Discourse opened. The enthusiasm and the support community gave to this effort.
Even if I had my objections back then, in the end, I contributed mostly in testing categories and others as well.

Then the site has left maintaining itself and inevitably shut down after a while.

I see this is the exact same platform and it reminds me those days. I hope this effort won’t end up like Discourse.

Best Regards.

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This is set up to do something different - a place for

  • We want to improve community communication
  • We want to smooth the onboarding process for new contributors.
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On the Ubuntu-Users email list, some listees have mentioned that the Ubuntu Official Wiki is in terrible shape. Is this platform a suitable replacement? It seems that some of the more experienced users there (some of which are high end users) find the process of using that wiki onerous enough to turn them away. These are the users you want contributing to the knowledge base.
Perhaps some of the Ubuntu employees could drop in over there and let them know what’s going on with the wiki and if this web app is the replacement.

I think it’s a bit too early to tell if we could replace the wiki (or indeed parts of it) over here. The wiki certainly needs some love, but maybe we’ll let this site bed in a bit and work out the kinks first.

OK Would it be possible then to make it easier for contributors to well, contribute to the wiki? The entire reasoning of a Wiki is to be world writeable, else it doesn’t work.
At least one poster mentioned that the Ubuntu One login (required for the wiki) is wonky as hell it often kicks people out, when in the process of editing/composing.

@stephen-d-allen in https://community.ubuntu.com/t/wiki-editors/971/5 Alan (popey) gave a reason for making it being slow to allow people as wiki editors; spammers & deleters, which would be hard to overcome…

Some extra measures came up for a reason if I remember correctly. Some time ago the Ubuntu Wiki became Trolls and Spammers Joy. For that, Admins took some extra security measures like Ubuntu SSO and immutable pages.

The Wiki is community maintained for a long time. I’m not sure if Moin-Moin is the best option, but this cannot easily change, I mean without data loss.

Either way, even if the Wiki is closed/moved at some point nothing should be deleted. It includes tons of contributions from community members and this must be respected.

I agree it is not in its best shape though.

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Shouldn’t the bad information be deleted ? Probably too time consuming to go through and edit those, so perhaps it should be all thrown out. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

This is the problem with OSS projects - lousy documentation and support. Thought this was what Ubuntu’s purpose in this ecosystem was - too make both better?

I’m surprised this wiki issue isn’t taken more seriously. It should be embarrassing that a distro like Arch, which isn’t funded to the extent as Ubuntu, has better documentation.

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but what constitutes bad info? just because xxyy the wiki said was :japanese_ogre: (bad) for you, it still may be the :heart_eyes: (good) for me as i understood what it was trying to do & hence could adapt it to make it work…
(i don’t think deletion is a good thing)

I for one pledge my allegiance to this community site. It’s on us to make it succeed or fail, and I will try my best to make it thrive and become sustainable. All hands are welcome to help us rebuild our community. Tell your friends, join the activities, let’s have fun here!


Yes, many of us were there.

I think one big difference is that many of us have experience with Discourse strengths and weaknesses, thanks to that first experiment. We can work to the strengths.