I LIKE paper

Please, there is nothing better than a nice printed handbook, rather than HTML after HTML after HTML page to find things - you don’t need two screens, and your back doesn’t break while studying.
I don’t mind printing my own PDFs- you, the writers, who I thank for the work, simply need to filter out the HTML code and place pages on 8.5x11" format paper.
You can even use the same numbering scheme for indexing!

You’re not alone in preferring books, and books are available from different publishers usually printed around (or not long after) the release of a LTS or long-term-support version of Ubuntu. They can be purchased as PDF too.

The Ubuntu Manual project (https://ubuntu-manual.org/) provides a PDF available for download if you don’t like reading online or in HTML, and don’t want to purchase one. It’s currently based on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, due to insufficient people offering to help update it to 18.04 LTS, but is still helpful as most apps are the same, even if some screens differ in appearance or desktop in some operations.

FYI: You’ll find most of us use A4 (210x297mm) as its more common world-wide than US-imperial measurements.