I just want to contribute to Ubuntu Studio...(我只想向Ubuntu Studio投稿...)

… Hello everyone. I’m a regular Ubuntu Studio user (23.04) using Ubuntu Studio for digital painting (Krita), graphic design (GIMP), and 3D production (Blender), and I’m not proficient in programming yet.(…大家好。我是一位普通的Ubuntu Studio用户(23.04),使用Ubuntu Studio进行数码绘画(Krita),平面设计(GIMP)以及3D制作(Blender),我对编程还不精通。)
I’ve been following Ubuntu Studio since 2009 and started using it in 2014, I love Ubuntu Studio very much and I’ve always wanted to do something for Ubuntu Studio.(我从2009年开始关注Ubuntu Studio,正式开始使用是在2014年起,我非常喜欢Ubuntu Studio,一直想为Ubuntu Studio做些什么。)
I’ve been following Anime for a long time, and I have some Anime-style drawing abilities, so I thought I could design a mascot character for Ubuntu Studio with my abilities. This will help Ubuntu Studio a bit.(我关注Anime已经很久了,我有一些Anime风格的绘画能力,所以我想我可以通过我的能力为 Ubuntu Studio 设计一个吉祥物角色。这样能够帮到Ubuntu Studio一些忙。)
Krita, a good drawing app, has a mascot character named Kiki.(优秀的绘画软件Krita就有着一位名为Kiki的吉祥物角色。)
… Thus, Hanada Lydia was born.(…于是,花田莉迪亚(花田リディア)就这样诞生了。)

In the setting, she is a singer and Anime style artist, using Ubuntu Studio for music creation and painting, she also knows some knowledge of 3D production, and is also good at 3D assisted painting.(设定中,她是一位歌姬与Anime风格的画师,使用Ubuntu Studio进行音乐创作与绘画创作,她还懂得一些3D制作的知识,也擅长3D辅助绘画。)
Introverted, he doesn’t like to talk, and he prefers to paint quietly rather than talking. But when it comes to topics that interest her, she will talk for a long time.(性格内向,不喜欢说话,比起说话更喜欢静静地绘画。但如果谈起她所感兴趣的话题,也会说很长时间。)
Very fond of small animals, especially all kinds of puppies, but will give puppies all kinds of strange names (e.g. durian, Uranus, galaxy).(非常喜欢小动物,尤其是各种各样的小狗,但是会为小狗起各种各样的奇怪名称(例如:榴莲,天王星,银河)。)
Her singing voice is very similar to that of Akiko Shikata.(她的歌喉与志方晶子的歌喉很相似。)

I’ve made a weekly donation to Ubuntu Studio via Liberapay…Although it’s only $1.(我已经通过Liberapay进行了每周向Ubuntu Studio捐助…虽然只有1美元。)
If I can have more money in the future, I will donate more to Ubuntu Studio. But in addition to this, I would like to support Ubuntu Studio in other ways.(如果今后能够有更多钱,我会向Ubuntu Studio捐赠更多。但是在此之外,我也希望通过其他途径支持Ubuntu Studio。)
If the Ubuntu Studio team can afford Hanada Lydia and approve her as the (unofficial) mascot character of Ubuntu Studio, and agree that I will continue to improve and create Hanada Lydia , I will continue to improve Hanada Lydia’s setting, and create manga and anime with her as the main character.(如果Ubuntu Studio的团队能够看得起花田莉迪亚,并且认可她成为(非官方也可以)Ubuntu Studio的吉祥物角色,同意我继续进行花田莉迪亚的完善以及继续创作的话,我会继续完善花田莉迪亚的设定,以及创作以她为主角的漫画以及动漫等等。)
If you don’t agree (for the time being) that Hanada Lydia will be the official mascot of Ubuntu Studio, as long as you agree with me to continue creating, I will continue to work hard.(若是(暂时)不同意花田莉迪亚成为Ubuntu Studio的官方吉祥物,但是只要同意我继续进行创作,我也会继续努力。)

…That’s all.(以上。)

Nano Chima(奈野千魔)


Hello and welcome! Thanks for your enthusiasm!

I’ve brought this to the attention of our art lead @eylul so that she can take a look and give a response. As far as mascots go, we use the official Ubuntu mascot for each release, but having an overarching mascot for Ubuntu Studio, such as this, isn’t out of the question.

We’ll have to discuss this and get back to you about it, but I really like the idea and your enthusiasm! Thank you so much!

As far as the donation, every little bit helps. :slight_smile:


That one… I made a mistake, actually I’m using Ubuntu Studio 23.10, not 23.04…i am sorry.(那个…我打错了,其实我使用的是Ubuntu Studio 23.10,不是23.04…抱歉。)
Anyway, everyone likes this idea, and Hanada Lydia is good. Regardless of the outcome.(总之大家喜欢这个点子还有花田莉迪亚就好。无论结果如何。)

I’m honored to be able to do Ubuntu Studio a small contribution.(我很荣幸能够为 Ubuntu Studio 做出一点贡献。)@eeickmeyer

That’s completely fine. I wasn’t about to correct you.

We’re currently discussing whether or not to use your mascot and if we have any feedback. We’ll definitely get back to you. :slight_smile:

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Hi @nanochima !

I just wanted to say, as leader and on behalf of the Ubuntu Studio team, thank you very much for your contribution here!

While we would be delighted to have Hanada Lydia as our mascot, we have deliberated among the team and decided that she doesn’t really fit at this time. We believe she’s a little bit generic for what we would be looking for in this regard. While we weren’t exactly looking for something like this, you raised some very valid points with regards to Krita and their branding; Kiki is very akin to a squirrel whereas Hanada Lydia is more generic and human-like.

One thing that I can see is a potential mascot like this used in various forms on our website doing activities like producing audio, creating videos, drawing, or taking pictures. But I think she needs to be less generic and more animal-like, similar to how Kiki comes across as a squirrel.

However, I would note that the website is pretty much the only place I can see her being. Others have noted that having a mascot such as this might be seen as unprofessional in a production studio. One thing you must remember is that Ubuntu Studio is geared toward professionals. Krita, which is part of the software we distribute, somehow handles this very well, but audio professionals might not feel the same.

With that, I hope you understand some of the feelings we have had in our discussion. So, please don’t take this as a rejection, because I, for one, see not only the potential, but your potential as well.

Again, thank you for your contribution, and I look forward to hearing more from you.


(By the way, with my discourse moderator hat on, please do not mix your languages on here and only reply with English. This is an English-language Discourse. I hope you understand. :slight_smile: )


Oh no…But I do know.
I’d also like to confirm… Can I make Hanada Lydia appear as a “girl who likes and uses Ubuntu Studio” in my future works?And not a mascot character.

Also, if I want to contribute other contributions to Ubuntu Studio in the future, what should I do?
Ubuntu Studio is a really great operating system. I want to contribute more to Ubuntu Studio by doing what I can.


Absolutely! Fan-made artwork is an absolutely wonderful way to contribute, even if unofficially! In fact, feel free to let me know via a private message when you do, and I’ll do what I can to promote it. :slight_smile:

So, I started saying "all you have to do is… " and then realized there are so many options! We have our Development Room on Matrix you can come to and chat with us (English language, of course), and you can always drop by the Flavors category here on Discourse and start a new topic. I’m subscribed to that category, so I get an email notification every time someone starts a new category there. If I see something that says “Ubuntu Studio”, it’s sure to get my attention. :slight_smile:


I know. I’ll do my best to help with Ubuntu Studio.
… But my native language is not English, and I actually have to rely on web translation to communicate with everyone here. So my work might be in Chinese Simplified instead of English.I’m sorry.

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That’s perfectly fine. The web translation is actually working, believe it or not! :slight_smile:

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