I don't think its good idea to preinstall "Desktop Icons" extension esepcially when it DO NOT support newer gnome shell

Desktop Icons feels like preinstalled bloatware these days.
The developer named Rastersoft made that extension which got very popular and handy.
Ubuntu devs started to use it by preinstalling in their Ubuntu releases.
It was okay until when it started crashing/freezing desktop environments. Why? You may ask.

Because Rrastersoft created a new extension named Desktop Icons NG (aka DING). This is a fork of the original Desktop Icons extension, with several enhancements. The most important thing to note here in this extension:

  • This new extension supports the newer gnome-shell.
  • The continuous development and maintenance of this extension.

It seems Rrastersoft has moved on to this new extension leaving the old extension EOLed.

But sadly Ubuntu has not moved on. Why? I have NO know idea.
Meanwhile, the old extension is creating a crashy buggy situation in Ubuntu 20.10. I can’t say the same about Ubuntu 20.04 cause I don’t use it.

Please do something about this if the person who is reading this has some POWER.


Please file a real bug report for the “crashy buggy situation in Ubuntu 20.10.”