I can not see the error reports sent (invasion of privacy)

When entering the error reports sent by my computer to Canonical I get the following error message: Sorry, you are not a member of a group that is allowed to see the data from error reports. Please fill out this form to request access.

Why should I request access to Canonical to see my own reports of errors sent?

At no time did I accept that this happens, it is marked by default. Which seems to me an invasion of privacy since they did not have my consent, and as if that were not enough, I can neither access to see what information was sent nor allow me to eliminate it.

Your error report is already on your own system, of course. Look in /var/crash

Enjoy. It’s a fun read.

After you read the crash report, please clearly explain exactly which elements you consider to be private information that the crash reporter shouldn’t have reported.

The concept of automated crash reporting is NOT up for debate. Ubuntu uses it, and won’t stop. If you don’t like it, turn it off after install.

Do recall that it’s impossible to fix bugs (crashes are usually caused by a bug) that are not reported.