I am thinking of cleaning up the help wiki

It’s been over a year, and nothing has changed as far as documentation goes.

The help pages are as out of date as ever.

But I have an idea on how to start a cleanup of the wiki.


I think we need to create Ubuntu_9 and then move all existing Ubuntu 9.x related support pages under that (so, Ubuntu_9/Newtorking, Ubuntu_9/Scanning, Ubuntu_9/Printing)

The same for version 10, all the way to Version 22.


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Community documentation (not technical documentation) is being migrated from at least one of the wikis to Discourse, and those wiki pages removed.

My opinion #1 is that it’s okay to delete some ancient information that is outside the current support window. The wiki.ubuntu.com (which more folks can edit) database retains the older versions of each page. So severe edits can be undone if needed – as can mistakes. People make mistakes!

My opinion #2 is that it’s okay (and welcome) to A) put in the effort to rearrange and update sections to wiki.ubuntu.com – and sub-pages are a good idea for that. It’s not okay to B) broadly implement a new structure single-handedly, creating possibly hundreds of new pages, in the hope that “somebody else” will come along to fill the empty pages and fix all the broken links.

(I think that that A is your goal, and it’s great!)

My opinion #3 is that there are likely some folks willing to join and help if you let the wider world know that you want to reboot the Documentation Team: Ubuntu Weekly News, Ubuntu.Social, OMG, regular updates, etc.


Please stop talking about “the Wiki”. There are two wikis:

  1. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CommunityHelpWiki

  2. https://wiki.ubuntu.com/

While I’m pretty sure that @5g3-steven-7tv talked about 1. at first hand, the wiki @ian-weisser talked about reasonably is 2. mostly.

Sorry about the nitpicking, but I’m convinced that the nature of any cleanup work differs a lot between 1. and 2.


@gunnarhj agreed with this…

Even though the community wiki is being migrated here, most of the contents need an update. Like for instance mentioning Ubuntu summit 2022 on the community wiki page where it states developer summits for instance as an example.

Is the content updation planned after migration or before migration? And how to contribute to the process?