How we did in Flisol Barranquilla 2024!


Hello, Ubuntu community!

Last April 27th, we had the honor of celebrating the Latin American Free Software Installation Festival (Flisol) in Barranquilla 2024. Organized by the LinuxBQ Community which we founded with my espoasa and it was an incredibly enriching event where we managed to gather #Speakers and #Workshops in pursuit of promoting the use of free software and open source in the city. The day was packed with inspiring talks and hands-on workshops that attracted a diverse and enthusiastic audience.

Event Highlights:


  • ** 3 times that open source saved the world in recent history :earth_africa:
  • Supporting Agile application development and sustaining internal processes in software factories through Practical Framework :rocket:
  • Strengthening Digital Security: Strategies and Tools for Cybersecurity with Free Software :closed_lock_with_key:
  • ** Companies’ dance with open source: Who leads and who follows :dancer:
  • ** Midori: a browser Made in Colombia :colombia:
  • ** Contributing with Open Source pal Bolsillo: How to start? :hammer_and_wrench:
  • Artificial intelligence in open source environments :robot:
  • ** Deploying and managing deployments with Docker :whale:
  • ** Docker 4 Hacking :man_detective:

You can watch here the Flisol Barranquilla 2024 Conferences :tv:

Practical Workshops:
Software for the day to day :computer:
Creating a Ruby on Rails application from a template, SQLIte as database and deployment on Ubuntu server :iphone:
Web Scraping :spider_web:
Servers with Orangepi and Raspberrypi :tangerine::desktop_computer:

You can see here the Flisol Barranquilla 2024 Workshops :tv:

Sponsors and Thanks to Allied Communities:
We would like to express our deepest gratitude to Ubuntu, our main sponsor, for their generous support and participation in the event. Their contribution was fundamental to the success of Flisol Barranquilla 2024. :pray:

We also thank OnlyOffice for their sponsorship and support. :fountain_pen:

A special thanks to Universidad de la Costa - CUC for providing us with an excellent space to hold the event and for their continued collaboration. :mortar_board:

We also thank the allied communities of #LinuxBQ as they are; UbuntuCO, GDG_Barranquilla, Python_BAQ, AWS_Barranquilla, RedTeam_BAQ, LinuxDO(Linux Dominicana) and Flisol Medellin and Flisol Colombia, we believe that individually you can achieve goals but in a community way you can achieve success. we had attendees and even delegations from universities in the city of barranquilla and the rest of the Atlantic coast.

Each talk and workshop offered a unique perspective on how open source software is transforming different areas, from cybersecurity to artificial intelligence, to the empowerment of women in IT. In addition, we highlighted the importance of ethics and social responsibility in software development, a crucial topic in today’s technological world.

We thank all the speakers and participants for making Flisol Barranquilla 2024 a memorable event. It was a great opportunity to learn, share knowledge and connect with other open source enthusiasts.

We hope to see you in future events and continue promoting free software together!