How to upgrade from Ubuntu 22.04 to 24.04 LTS with respect to python 3.12 PPA?

Hello, I have a running Ubuntu 22.04 LTS server as of now and I want to upgrade it to the Ubuntu 24.04 which is now released as per Noble Numbat Release Notes

My current setup I have python 3.12 installed via deadsnakes PPA and few of my applications run on python 3.12 almost 24x7 but Ubuntu 24.04 comes with python 3.12 as default python3 version, so my question is if I want to upgrade to Ubuntu 24.04, will I need to remove the current python 3.12 that is installed from PPA repo and do the upgrade to 24.04 and then update my current python 3.12 virtualenvs to make use of the default python3 version that is bundled with Ubuntu 24.04? If someone can help me through this, it would be really helpful. Thank you for reading and have a nice day!

Hi @fluxdiscord ,

The Ubuntu project does not support the upgrade of packages from PPAs, just what we have in the official archive. So yes, you can remove what you have from third party PPAs, upgrade to Noble and start to use the default python version.

I hope that’s helpful! o/

Thank you, that answers my question. Have a nice day ^^