How to turn off this notification?

It’s good for fist time. But after two years…

2023-03-16 20.34.06

And notification settings don’t work

Hi @adasiko256, fair enough, I guess it gets annoying after a while. I opened a bug report based on this post. We’ll have to think how best to address this.

Thank you the feedback.

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Hey @adasiko256, looking at the code, that notification should only be issued on the first run of the GUI (that is the intention, anyway). Do you see this after purging snap data? After refreshes?

I don’t suppose you could come comment on the bug report I linked above, to help us understand what is going on?

Nevermind, I can reproduce.

@adasiko256, the fix in the pipeline, if you want you can test with snap refresh --channel edge/pr2977 multipass. The notification should appear a single time with that.

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