How to set the primary monitor

I wrote over at Nvidia about this, but because I have not heard back from them, I am writing here to see if there is a solution. I have an Nvidia 4090 and 2 Gigabyte monitors. One is a 2k ultra wide (the main one because it is easier to see and work on) and a 4K one (I can’t work on that one, only play, because I have not evolved to see 1px letters yet). The layout is like the following image:


The one in the red square is the one that should always be primary, but for some reasons, all app that open, end up opening on the left monitor (The one that says 1, but this is NOT the primary one). With this, I am trying to explain that the one in the right is the actual primary one, the one on the left in the secondary that I use for meetings, other apps opened, etc… but I always want the right one, to always be the primary, either for opening apps, desktop icons (Which sometimes they move to the left when I reboot and I have to drag them to the right again,etc. The reason is because this is how I have physically setup my desktop:

I can move the mouse from the right monitor to the left and it will go to the left monitor, which is good, but apps keep opening on the left monitor when I open them (some only on the first try, after I move them to the right, the next time I open them, they show on the right monitor correctly).

Is there any option to say "Hey, THIS monitor will always be the primary one, no matter if left, right, top, bottom.

UPDATE: The ones I have noticed that NEVER remember the monitor are Google Chrome and Steam.

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This is being tracked in


Amazing. Well is there anything I can do to help?

Maybe give upstream a nudge by subscribing to and commenting on

It should be treated as a bug since (apparently) the problem only occurs on Xorg and not Wayland.


I’ve given up on this. I have 5 displays, every time I reboot it switches to a random display and have to turn the others back on manually.