How to set the instance proxy

I’m using the amc config set instance.network_proxy <value> command to set the instance proxy, but I can’t work out what the format of the value should be and the docs don’t tell you.

I’ve tried this (where my_* is the real value) and various other formats, but always get the same error message:

amc config set instance.network_proxy "my_user_name:my_password@my_proxy_address:my_proxy_port_number"
Error: argument invalid value is invalid

It works if I set it to a blank string using empty quotes, but I’ve had no luck setting it to anything more useful. What should the format be?


The network_proxy configuration option only accepts values in the format address:port, such as my_proxy_address:my_proxy_port in your case.

Could you use your proxy without the authentication?

We are tracking the missing documentation here: Bug #2072510 “Format for instance.network_proxy is not documente...” : Bugs : Anbox Cloud

Thanks for reporting the hole in the documentation.

Unfortunately not, but I’ll try and think of a workaround.

Should I report this lacking feature as a bug?


Please report this as a bug on the launchpad bug tracker, that helps tremendously, thanks!