How to move Ubuntu Server on Pi to SSD?

I have installed Ubuntu server on a Pi 4 and this works fine. But I now want to move it to an SSD as I’ve purchased an Argon One M2 case and an SSD

How do I do this?

The only instructions seem to require that I need to use Raspbian OS . Is this really the case? It seems to require that I update the Pi boot eprom. Can I do this from Ubuntu?

When I installed Ubuntu Server I got no options on how to partition the disk and I assume this is because it is a microSD, but with the SSD can I change this?

Although I used to be a Unix admin it is many years ago and I’m struggling to do thins from the command line. For example, I cant remember how to partition the disk from the command line anymore.

Any help would be much appreciated.

This site isn’t designed for technical support. The Finding Help topic details where you can get support for Ubuntu.