How to let Unity team know about important Unity bugs?


I sometimes come across Unity bugs that I want Unity developers to be aware of. How should I let them know about these bugs?

(Could this thread be moved to Ubuntu Unity Development? I don’t have permission to do that since I’m not a Unity developer.)

I would - but I can’t find it in the list to do so … @popey?

Just a little off topic. If you want to file a bug, ie; you can:

ubuntu-bug ubuntu-unity-desktop

but you would have to have installed the recent iso from people-ubuntu ubuntu-unity-desktop

or the SRU stack…

SRU unity stack

or if you want to file a bug against the current ubuntu-unity-meta then here:


ubuntu-bug ubuntu-unity-meta

thanks. !!


You can pm any of dev here. We are also tracking important bugs on trello. You can comment there.

hi people, I’m using unity in ubuntu unity remix and I’m noticing that Unity Control Center and Unity tweak Tool don’t see themes located in usual themes locations. Where should I report this bug? Are you already working on it?

Looks to be an issue with Yaru, as other themes do appear in the Unity Tweak Tool. They do not appear in the Unity Control Center as the themes Ambiance, Radiance etc. are hardcoded in the source.

In my fresh installation of groovy, no theme is shown in both apps. I wonder if other people are experiencing this

The Ubuntu Unity desktop on 20.04 launcher item handling got broken with latest update. The programs are grouped to same group now always and under only one item in launcher, when earlier it had different profile Firefox instances grouped independently in the launcher, for.ex. I had 2 profiles for Firefox and they had their own item (icon/symbol) in the launcher, but this is not the case anymore after latest update.

Why did this change? Launcher is not usable anymore, because of this change.

Is the devs not online?

XFCE with same Firefox version dont have the issue Ubuntu Unity 20.04 has… Please fix this!!