How to known cmd run process when I launch?

The partial config as follows:

- curl -SLsf | sh
- mkdir -p /home/ubuntu/.kube/
- k3sup install --local --local-path /home/ubuntu/.kube/config
- curl -sLfS | sh
- HOME=/home/ubuntu k3sup app install openfaas | tee /home/ubuntu/post-install.txt
- echo "export KUBECONFIG=/home/ubuntu/.kube/config" | tee -a /home/ubuntu/.bashrc
- chown ubuntu:ubuntu -R /home/ubuntu/

I want to know their execution status.

Hi @shaneing,

multipass launch ... will only return once all the cloud-init steps are done with. If you need more granularity than that, you’ll need to multipass exec ... and get more data directly out of cloud-init.

You will either need to wait for multipass info ... to say the instance is running (that won’t wait for cloud-init), or just loop a multipass exec ... until it succeeds.

Here’s a related issue describing how we want to deal with waiting for cloud-init in the long run: