How to enable the Livepatch client

Livepatch is included in Ubuntu Pro (previously known as Ubuntu Advantage). The recommended way to install it is using the Ubuntu Pro client. The instructions below show how to enable livepatching and install the client. Instructions can also be found in this tutorial.

# Attach your personal or enterprise subscription from
$ sudo pro attach

# Explicitly enable livepatch
$ sudo pro enable livepatch

This will install the livepatch client, and enroll the system to the Ubuntu livepatch service.


This documentation refers to UA, but should now be Ubuntu Pro (and Ubuntu Pro Client) following the renaming. The commands should be the following:

sudo pro attach [TOKEN]

sudo pro enable livepatch


Thanks! Changed to Pro.

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What’s a poor snap-averse Ubuntu user to do when it’s 24.04 Desktop and the steps here have been followed:

One moment, checking your subscription first
Installing Livepatch
Installing snapd
Updating standard Ubuntu package lists
Failed to install snapd on the system
Could not enable Livepatch.

Another Pro update for you :slight_smile: the attach method has changed so that users no longer need to pass a secret via the command line. The command has changed from sudo pro attach [TOKEN] to sudo pro attach. We have a full walk-through of the new attach process in this how-to guide

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