How to deal with negative criticisms about a project?



I opened this topic because, recently I went to read the feedbacks from the Diolinux community about the Ubuntu Unity Remix project, and I was a little thoughtful. I would like to know, either from Canonical or from members of the Ubuntu community, how each of you deals with this and what to do in these cases, where there are several negative criticisms about a project.



Eu abri esse tópico porque, recentemente eu fui ler os feedbacks da comunidade Diolinux sobre o projeto do Ubuntu Unity Remix, e eu fiquei meio pensativo. Eu gostaria de saber, seja da Canonical ou dos membros da comunidade Ubuntu, como cada um de vocês lida com isso e o que fazer nesses casos, onde existam várias críticas negativas sobre um projeto.


It’s okay to not like things. If people don’t like the idea of Ubuntu Unity Remix, that’s fine. People expressing their opinion on the relative merits of one thing over another is pretty natural. They likely don’t use the thing and may never.

Unfortunately humans are quite tribal, and love to support the thing they like, and denounce the “other”. Not a lot you can do about that, other than foster a respectful community where people can freely express their views, within the bounds of our code of conduct.


Ubuntu Cinnamon and Ubuntu Unity got the ugly and horrible and pointless treatment from MuyLinux (not going to link it). The thing is-that’s not how open source works.

This is sort of what we have to deal with-all we can do is try to learn from them and show them better and who you really are.


I saw the video on Diolinux’s channel (it’s in PT-BR, so it makes no sense posting it here) and i agree with him. I also agree with Popey, every one is free to do whatever feels like doing, especially in the open/free-source world. If you like Unity you should look forward building a Unity-based distro.

However, like every single project, including Ubuntu, there is the implementation and the discussion phases. Imho, you’re rushing a little bit too much and discussing it on the wrong place. For me, it seems like you are releasing infos before deciding about them.

Also, don’t expect to everyone to like your personal tastes, for instance the themes used in the iso, or the programs bundled within it. Criticisms are expected in an early release like this one. You should now gather the team, talk about them and keep improving the project.

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As @brunonzanette said, I understood the points made within the criticism but, remember we are in a early stage of the project which is getting a new “boom of life”. In my view, this is awesome! Because as you can see, I’m a huge fan of the Unity interface just like you all.

And as @popey said too, it’s normal about people don’t liking the things we do or vice-versa. Well, we need to move forward, and working the best out of ourselves! that’s how life works! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I watched the Diolinux video.

It’s a monetized YouTube channel. That’s important: It’s primarily commercial entertainment in the format of a review. Like all commercial content, you must view with a bit of healthy skepticism.

Take a step back and ask: What did he say that was important? Take those couple nuggets (if any) back to discuss with you team.

Ignore the rest.

109th Rule of Acquisition [modified for Open Source development]:

A non-contributor’s strong preferences and an empty sack is worth the sack.


I would like to thank all the answers posted here. Really, there is still a long way to go to get to the right point that makes the Remix usable and well built. This creates a basis for motivation to move on after other developers give up. Regardless of everything, we will do things with love and dedication.