How to close the Snap Store to allow Snapd to update it

For several reasons, closing the Snap Store (Ubuntu Software) window is not enough to close the program itself. Instead, it will be kept running in background.

To fully close it, just open it, do click in the “Ubuntu Software” text in the left part of the top bar (if your language isn’t English, it will be translated), and choose “Quit” (also translated). It will fully close the Snap Store and you will be able to update it using “sudo snap refresh snap-store”.


I was going to post something along this same line. I figured out how to end the snap store using the “System Monitor” application, but this is NOT something a beginning Linux user would instinctively know to do. You need to come up with a far more user friendly way to allow the Snap Store to be updated so a newbie isn’t nagged with those “you must close the snap store so it can be updated” (I know that’s not the actual wording) messages.