How to cancel an Ubuntu Pro trial subscription

Certain Ubuntu Pro subscriptions offer a 30 day trial period - meaning you won’t be charged for your subscription for 30 days from the date when you sign up.

Before this evaluation period ends you will receive emails informing you that your trial will end and your payment card will be charged.

If you’d like to cancel this trial and not be charged, follow these steps:

  1. Visit Ubuntu Pro Dashboard and sign-in using your Ubuntu One account (if you’re not already signed-in)

  2. Use the left-hand list of subscriptions to select the subscription you wish to cancel:

  1. Click the ‘Cancel trial’ button on the right-hand panel:

  1. In the dialog that appears, type the word cancel and click “Yes, cancel trial” to confirm you really want to cancel this subscription:

Your trial subscription has been cancelled and your payment card will not be charged.