How to bind ethernet ports to a vm only

I currently have a small windows server that hosts a number of services, files, and virtual machines. The VMs are run via Hyper-V. One of them is a pfsense vm. I have a PCIe 4 port ethernet card. Port 0 has my WAN connection in it and is currently bound to the pfsense vm so Windows does not receive an IP from my ISP but the pfsense vm does. Port 1 is also bound to the pfsense vm and is designated as the LAN port which feeds a switch. That switch feeds Port 2 of my server, and gives Windows access to the network and internet. I want to switch over to Ubuntu Server because of Windows being unreliable and not always restarting certain services when updates are automatically installed. How would I recreate this setup in Ubuntu Server using a vm application like VirtualBox? Or is this not possible with VirtualBox? Please advise. Thank you.

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