How to adapt the Zelcore application to Raspberry Pi Ubuntu Desktop

I started using Raspberry Pi Ubuntu Desktop, and it is really exciting, but I have the need to install the Zelcore app on in. It is a popular all-in-one cryptocurrency wallet that has everything I need in one place, but I can’t get it installed on Pi! It is currently available on Windows, Linux, Mac OS, Android and I think that is it.
The current .deb file is an amd64 file, and I don’t know how to create the arm file to work on the Raspberry Pi.

Their team is great, but shorthanded and currently there is no one to adapt the app to arm architecture and the pi board. So any any help, even to point me in direction other than this site here would be much appreciated.
I watched the video by Rhys Davies and Martin Wimpress and I enjoyed it. They mentioned that the users should bring up the use cases for Pi, I think this is a great use case. A small, secure, and portable crypto wallet with Zelcore!