How to access HTTP/SOCKS5 proxies running on host


I have a HTTP and a SOCKS proxy running on my Ubuntu in a Docker container running in network: host mode (proxy is available on or 3128 for HTTP) on my Ubuntu, how can I set a Multipass instance to use it?

I have found my host ip to be and tried setting an env var for it export HTTPS_PROXY= :3128 but I get Failed to connect to port 3128 after 0 ms: Connection refused when I do a curl test!

Sorry for the late reply! We will look into it and get back to you soon.

Hi @aliakbar-m, there appears to be an issue with your proxy and how it’s configured because of the refused connection. Since it isn’t Multipass related there isn’t much we are able to help with. However, for this to theoretically work, you might need to setup a route. If you have any trouble specifically with Multipass instances, feel free to ask here. Also, if you have something working with Multipass and proxies, let us know!